about the team we are building

We are a team from diverse backgrounds: farmers, scientists, engineers, technologists, agronomists, and business people, to name a few - this is the engine that drives Vayda. From this diversity comes a great degree of innovation, new ideas, and respect for agriculture.

You may be wondering – what does this group share in common? Well, it comes down to a shared alignment on our mission at Vayda and values.

For more details on our team, check out our team page.

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what we value

Sharing our values at Vayda is critical, looking like us is not. Above all, we value diversity of thought and people, and believe that creating an inclusive environment for that diversity is our superpower.

  • Regenerative

    more is more

    Sometimes, there are real tradeoffs to be made. But most of the time, if we think bigger, everyone can win – and that’s how we approach our decisions and strategy.

  • Act like a

    it’s not personal

    With the diversity of backgrounds, comes diversity of ideas. Everyone has a voice – and we challenge ideas openly, because they are just that – ideas. This open and respectful debate gets us to the best outcome every time... and then we join hands and commit to it, no matter where we started. Brilliant a**holes are not welcome.

  • The power
    of others

    for everyone

    The ability to make decisions is a core competency of every single person at Vayda - we don’t defer to others. We collect the right information, draw input from the right people, and make the call. We aim to be friendly and resourceful.

  • Being

    and the details

    Agriculture (and the world) is complex. Sometimes there are opportunities to simplify, and we take those. But most of the time, we have to be comfortable with the complexity, and navigate it ourselves - which often requires a deep understanding of the details and the facts.

  • Growth

    willing to fall,
    unwilling to fail

    At the same time as we are growing Vayda, we are all growing ourselves. Every single person joining Vayda must have an opportunity to grow in their role and beyond. Not only that, when faced with unknowns, we look at that as an opportunity to learn, as opposed to shying away from the challenge.

what we offer

  • A platform to change the world; advancing the big idea that we can grow healthier food that is good for our planet and its people

  • Autonomy, responsibility, ability to create impact, and drive your vision

  • An opportunity to build Vayda with us and make your mark

  • Ability to work in a startup environment with the stability of long-term funding

  • Competitive health, dental, and vision package

  • 401(k) plan

  • Unlimited paid personal time off

  • Remote first work

  • Support to live a regenerative lifestyle, through your work-from-home setup, fitness, and wellness benefits

  • Monthly team events

Join Vayda on our mission
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Even if you don’t see the right role posted at the moment, we would love to hear from you! We are always growing, and looking for mission-driven people aligned with our values.

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