Driving supply and demand for regenerative ingredients.

We equip farmers for regenerative practices and build demand for regeneratively grown products; creating connected regional supply sheds.

On-farm transitions to Regenerative Agriculture takes time and intention. Knowing this, we meet current practices where they are. Within our service set, we use precision tech, on-farm experience, and regenerative expertise to help fellow farmers take the first step and then guide through the process.

By enrolling in Vayda’s Regen Pathways Program and adopting regenerative practices, you can be positioned to access higher value market opportunities.

Take the first step on your farm toward a regenerative future

Launching in Spring 2023, Vayda’s Delta Regen Pilot offers early transitional support to regional farmers, offering a semi customized farm level plan and practice adoption support.

Beginning with a total farm diagnostic that takes into account important on-farm factors including infrastructure, climate, soil health, and historic crop rotations, we build an assessment of regenerative practice performance to inform a farm specific plan.

Unlock higher value for your work

Regenerative farmers can profit from land stewardship through higher value market opportunities. By connecting producers and supply chain actors in the food and fiber markets, Vayda translates growing market demand for regenerative products directly to farmers, reducing risk where it counts.

Enrollment in the Regen Pathways Program offers access to producer-friendly digital tools, showing where their regenerative practices stand out today.

Unlock higher value for your work