Regional Hubs

Vayda operates “Regional Hubs” in a number of locations across the country.

These Regional Hubs allow us to develop deep expertise in regenerative cropping systems, supply chains, and market access. As a result, we support other local farmers and landowners to transition, qualify their regenerative performance and build critical mass of regenerative product volumes for the market.

We deeply value farmer-to-farmer networking and learning with key partners across the value chain and through the community. By concentrating in Regional Hubs, we get to work alongside farmers in our community to develop sourcing and build new market opportunities for value-added grains and oilseeds.

Our flagship farms


Situated amid some of the most productive farmland in the world, Vayda is applying our Regenerative Management System for food-grade commodities, including white corn, tofu-grade soybeans, and high-quality milling wheat.


Vayda is working with institutional landowners to revive an underperforming asset, transforming it into a highly profitable regenerative farm. With the potential for diverse and complete crop rotations, the MidSouth region is an exciting opportunity for regenerative agriculture.