Increase your potential.

Vayda is the farm operator of choice, providing security as a partner and operational excellence as an experienced team.

What we do

We take a full systems approach to farm management and the regenerative transition process. Our operations team works within our Regenerative Management System, alongside experienced agronomists and world class precision ag tech stack and technicians leading to improved profitability.

Together we can:

  • achieve High Performance Asset Returns

    Our operations demonstrate that regenerative farming is more productive, efficient, profitable, and resilient than conventional farming; leading to increased returns and land appreciation over time. We make the transition possible, all while providing optionality in operating structures to help meet return expectations.

  • Achieve a Better Food System

    By converting tangible assets from conventional to regenerative, we help clients achieve tangible regenerative outcomes; improving soils, and reducing both inputs and tillage.

  • Partner for Land Stewardship

    Investor governance monitoring directly attributes investments to practices that address the holistic farming and economic system. Vayda deepens the tenant-owner relationship by keeping environmental and social standards at our core.

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