Paving the way for regenerative markets

The Problem

  • 1.

    Consumers increasingly demand better-for-me and better-for-earth products, yet opaque supply chains and place-based variability drives complexity for food & fiber companies’ influence in agricultural value chains.

  • 2.

    Farmers often lack incentives and absorb risks in advancing on-farm regenerative practices, while sourcing partners are not always well-positioned financially or agronomically to support on-farm programs.

  • 3.

    Modern agriculture is built on scale and efficiency, yet credible value and recognition with CPG sourcing partners for regenerative practices remains complex.

Your activation & Sourcing Partner

Vayda builds regenerative agriculture programs and regional supply sheds, bringing together local producers and partners to create products with assured marketable attributes.

What we do

Build brand recognition and industry credibility through regenerative products; deepening your purpose through more resilient agricultural systems.

  • Supply Program Development

    We meet you where you are: from a directional sourcing initiative to a fully scoped public goal, we activate your regenerative supply program by baselining your supply footprint, establishing program targets, and launching regional supply shed programs.

  • Product Sourcing and Stakeholder Engagement

    With targets defined, Vayda mobilizes regional supply shed producers for regeneratively-produced grains, facilitating crop contracts, blended financial incentives, and ecosystem goals.

    Farm Level Action

    We support farmers by coordinating technical service providers with regenerative expertise to implement practice changes. This optimizes environmental, economic, and social outcomes.

  • Assured Outcomes

    We drive credible ecosystem service measurements to validate product claims, compatible with preferred MMRV providers.

  • Ecosystem Services Market Access

    Over 70% percent of CPG GHG emissions are tied up in their value chains (Source: Project Drawdown). We provide insetting opportunities through ESM program farmer engagement, data facilitation, and credible MMRV partnerships.

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