Meet Vayda.

The Regenerative Farming Company

At Vayda, we’re advancing Regenerative Agriculture through farm based services and market-building; combining key efforts to simplify the transition to regenerative farming operations and create more resilient farming and ecological systems.

Farm-driven Scientific Advancements

In many ways, our future depends on how we farm today

Our operational farm in the Mississippi Delta is leading the way in regenerative agriculture systems development. By implementing science-based practices to build healthy soil, increase biodiversity, and reduce inputs, we’re taking an active role in shaping a more resilient agricultural system.

Our experience in the region and connection to the land allows us to create a model for farming that prioritizes sustainability, profitability, and the preservation of our agricultural heritage for future generations.

Vayda develops regenerative practices for resiliency, efficiency, profitability, and productivity in our farming and food system.

Regenerative agriculture delivers better outcomes in:

  • Climate

    Regenerative farming reduces carbon emissions and increases carbon sequestration.

  • Soils

    Healthy soil makes nutrients more available for plants, at rates that plants demand, providing more nutrition and flavor in the food produced from these plants.

  • Water

    With improved soil structure, more water is retained in the ground. Hence, there is less overall usage, as well as a reduction in chemical run-off and erosion.

  • Biodiversity

    Increased biodiversity helps pollinators thrive while suppressing weeds, pests, and diseases. This makes agriculture more productive and stable over time, increasing long term resiliency and soil life.

  • Livelihoods

    Regenerative farming is more profitable and improves both farmer livelihoods and the surrounding economy.