Making the regenerative
future of farming
accessible today.

The next evolution of modern agriculture is regenerative.
Vayda is building a seamless and painless transition to increase the number of regenerative acres in the world, starting now.
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Because it makes good sense.

Check out this page to learn more about how regenerative agriculture can
sequester carbon, achieve higher productivity with lower production costs,
reduce dependency on chemical inputs, restore biodiversity, and produce
more nutrient-dense food.

The short answer on why everyone isn’t doing this today: while the
importance and benefits of regenerative agriculture are clear, figuring out
how to get there is not.


We call it the Vayda Farm.

A more resilient, valuable farm improving every year with lower costs and strong productivity as it increases biodiversity, carbon in the soil, and water efficiency.

  • Connected

    We integrate the best on-farm technologies, precision techniques, and sensors to listen to nature, inform the best on-farm decisions, and measure our impact and outcomes to improve.
  • Regenerative

    We work with nature, not against it, to design the best localized agronomic systems that improve all outcomes: environmental, nutritional, social, and financial.
  • Farm

    We’re farmers too - so we don’t just talk about regenerative agriculture, we practice it, and live it. We integrate our approach into best-in-class operations where great ideas and intentions tend to face their biggest challenge - out on the field.

Come along with us as we make it happen.

Vayda is building state-of-the-art regenerative hubs in the key agricultural regions of the US. And pretty soon we will be able to bring others on this journey with us.

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If you are a landowner, farmer, or a food company, and have interest in being a part of this journey we would love to connect with you.
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